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Land Brokerage

SuratRealEstate.com Co-ordinators have been involved in all types of land sales, from small single user sites up to large tracts of land suitable for residential and commercial development. On a regular basis, we are engaged by national and local users to find locations suitable for the development and construction of branded facilities as well as by owners to sell audemars piguet replica watches or lease raw and/or developed commercial land. We have significant expertise in property procurement management ensuring that optimal contracting and purchasing strategies are implemented to meet the specific needs of a project. We help our clients procure the property including all documentation that maybe involved.


  • Property Identification
  • Property evaluation & Due diligence
  • Sourcing and Procurement support
  • Facility Leasing & marketing support

Our experienced management team and best-of-breed partners get together to offer unchallenged depth of services, no matter what your requirement is. To find out more about our services, call us or leave a message.

We offer the following services