Looking for best home Leave your confusion Looking for best home Leave your confusion

How it works?

  • We take requirements of individual buyers, collate and compile them. Clusters of buyers are then created by our software based on individual needs.
  • With these clusters, we initiate project with reputed developers OR approach developers for bulk offers in ongoing or under launch projects
  • We then negotiate substantial price discounts for each buyer.
  • We deploy expert advisory services for project selection, price benchmarking, legal opinions and quality standards adherence. For this, wehave alliances with top consulting firms in respective fields.
  • We charge fees of @ maximum 0.25% (Rs, 12,500 for a property of 50 lac) of the property value payable by the buyer - only after securing the purchase through us.

Note: For investors we will update them with the offers as and when it comes and they can act accordingly.

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